Sunday, February 17, 2008

Teaching and Learning on DSpace

Digital library has become a popular virtual community for most educational institutions. Faculty and students start to create additional connection with digital library. Except collecting digital objects, a variety of contents can be created by faculty and students to support teaching and learning, to share different thoughts and promote interactive and effective learning. DSpace can help library manage culture heritage, intellectual properties and archives for the institution. In mean time, we need to find a systematical and efficient way to mange these metadata, which will facilitate users easily search and browse the digital collection. DSpace is open source software, which will capture digital objects in any format (text, video, audio, and data), and distribute them over the web. It indexes your work, so users can search and retrieve your items. It preserves your digital work over the long term1. DSpace is affordable and easily customized, it supports browse and could be updated simultaneously. You can manage your different digital objects at community and collection level, you can control how to share and maintain your digital collection.

Teaching and learning on DSpace will give faculty and students greater flexibility and creativity in the community. People with common learning objective share their ideas and works to communicate and leverage their knowledge. DSpace is absolutely a feasible and effective tool to target their education purpose for both faculty and students.

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