Monday, October 6, 2008

Metadata Quality Control

Metadata quality control is becoming more important than ever when we deal with batch import. These problems include various versions of author name, unconventional abbreviations, inappropriate data formats, duplicate records, spelling errors, incomplete punctuations, unrecognized characters etc. To control the quality of metadata, we need systematical way to instantly identify and correct those errors; on the other hand, we also need strengthen metadata creation at the beginning.

Recently, DSpace has released an add-on for metadata quality control, which has powerful mass-edit feature, duplicate detection and resolving algorithms. This is a very promising feature for metadata quality control, at least, some systematical methods could be adopted to solve the current dilemma at the time of submission.

Hopefully, those functions, which are available in traditional Integrating Library System, such as, authority control, control vocabulary etc., will be available in Institutional Repository software.

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